What is a Notarized Translation?

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There may be a time when you are asked to produce a notarized translation of a document. Many people confuse this with a certified translation but they are two very different things. You have to check which one is required! Certified translations include a digital certificate of translation attesting to the accuracy of the translation and are usually cheaper as the prices are not regulated by the government while notarized translations need a physical certificate that has the signature, stamp and seal of a notary.

Here are the answers to the most asked questions about notarized translations:

What is a notarized translation?

A notarized translation is when a text or a document is translated and certified by a notary or translated by a professional translator and reviewed and certified by a notary.  Every country has different requirements so it is important to check what the regulations are in the country requesting the notarized translation.

What documents usually require a notarized translation?

Marriage certificates, wills, matriculation documents, and birth certificates are some of the most common documents that require a notarized translation. On top of this, you may need notarized translations for certain court documents or submissions.

Who is a notary?

In order to be a notary in Israel, you have to have been an attorney for at least 10 years and then successfully apply for a notary license.

How do you get a notarized translation?

Send your document to Dray Translations and let us know the language it needs to be translated into and what country it is for. We will send you a price estimate and once we receive your confirmation we will have the document translated and notarized. We will then have the notarized translation delivered to your desired address in Israel.

How much does a notarized translation cost?

The government regulates the price of notarized translations and publishes these prices every year. The price is set at a certain amount per unit with each unit consisting of up to 100 words.  See the price table below for the latest prices as published by the government:

Current fees for 2022 for the certificate of correctness of translation (‘notarized translation’)

  • Up to the first 100 words in the translation: NIS 213 + VAT
  • For every additional 100 words or part thereof up to 1,000 words: NIS 169 + VAT
  • For every additional 100 words or part thereof beyond 1,000 words: NIS 81 + VAT
  • For each additional certificate (copy) given for the same translation at the same time: NIS 67 + VAT

How can Dray Translations help you?

We take away all of the hassle that comes with getting a notarized translation. All you need to do is send us the original document via email and the language you need it translated into and we translate it, notarize it, and deliver it to you quickly.

Notarized translations don’t have to be difficult. With outstanding customer service and incredible attorneys on stand-by, we can deliver high quality notarized translations. Get in touch with Dray Translations and we’ll be happy to help you.

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