Automatic Translation Extensions Are An Automatic No For Customers

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It is not good business practice to make your international customers Google Translate their way through your website. In fact, it could be the reason why you are losing customers. Bad translations drive customers away from your site and cause your SEO to plummet, sending you into the black hole of page two Google results. Automatic translation extension tools are not the way to go if you want to attract international customers to your website. Here’s a few reasons why you should never rely on them:

It Looks Unprofessional

You would never publish your website unedited with the text not making any sense or lining up with your displayed products. So why do you let your page look like that to millions of foreign customers? Google Translate often changes the appearance of text, ruining your careful formatting and making the text appear clunky. Moreover, if you were ever curious as to whether your team could be replaced by robots, one look at your automatically translated text would convince you it’s impossible. Your carefully thought out sales pitches and descriptions are replaced with block-by-block literal translations. Misaligned formatting and barely readable text is not exactly convincing to potential customers that you are a business worth trusting with their money.

Your Customers Will Think You Don’t Care

How can you try and convince your customer that your product fulfills their needs when your own website does not cater to them? Pages that are automatically translated often take longer to load, are difficult to navigate, and do not read nearly as well as professionally translated pages do. Making your customers do the work and piece together your website in order to learn about your product does not make them feel like they are your number one priority. Instead, it shows them that you do not care enough about their business to invest in making your website accessible for them. You could be losing thousands of clients because you have not made your website available to them in their language.

Your Website Will Rank Poorly

Did you know that Google penalizes you if you use automated content? Yes, that includes your Google Translated pages! Google prioritizes high quality and carefully curated content. There is nothing that stands in contrast to that more than automatically translated content. The notoriously contrived and rudimentary Google Translated text will turn users away and generate far less clicks, thus driving down your SEO rankings. Taking the time to get your website translated properly will ensure that your page is optimized and relevant to your customers and secure your SEO ranking.

You owe it to your customers to have your website properly translated. With businesses competing on a global level, clunky automatic translation extension tools are not going to cut it. Dray Translations is a translation service that can ensure that your website is accurately translated to the highest standard. Make your customers feel like your number one priority else they’re going to be your competition’s.

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