3 Online Industries Indicating the Growing Demand for Localized Content & Translation

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Online engagement with fresh and localized content is a core element to marketing products and services, increasing buyer awareness, and creating buzz to extend global target audience reach and interaction. Here are 3 growing industries creating endless demand for localized online content.

1. E-learning With an Emphasis on Online Video Instruction.

While English is commonly the default delivery language for online videos of tutorials, instruction, self-help and web-based learning, a Forbes article indicates over 80% of YouTube users are outside the United States. The need for captions, subtitles or video description notes in a variety of languages written with precision and lingual nuances is critical, particularly with instructional and educational videos.

2. E-commerce – Click, View, Read Descriptions, Reviews & Buy!

Welcome to the never-ending universe of content that floods online shoppers globally – from mobile push notifications of promos and offers, to product descriptions, chat bots, buyer reviews, and micro-copy to engage and encourage sales on Amazon, AliExpress, EBay, Asos, ChinaBuy, and even local super markets and vendors. Whether targeting global shoppers, or local markets, localized, witty, and compelling copy that converts is an absolute must for e-Commerce business worldwide.

3. From Budgeting, To Tracking Calories, Fitness, Recipes, Meditation and Transportation – Mobile Apps Need Localized Content.

Whether we need directions for the best route to get from point A to B, a source for easy and fast breakfast and lunch ideas, or an easily accessible and convenient way to track our fitness and eating habits, mobile apps’ content and messages have become an integral part of individuals’ lives everywhere. Ensuring content effectively speaks to target users in all parts of the world is critical for their abilities to transpire and help users.

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