Israeli Start-ups Thrive from International Business Reach & Growth: Localized Translation Plays a Noteworthy Role

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On July 24, 2019, a featured article on Google’s motivation to invest in 6000 Israeli start-ups in the next 3 years was published on CTECH by Calcalist, a leading Israeli tech news site written in English. The source spotlighted Israel’s remarkable potential to transform the global economy as a tech leader, with Google’s ambition to get in on the magic. From its growing Israeli team of over 1200 employees, to the Google campus in Tel Aviv hosting lectures and networking events of the nation’s flourishing start-ups, there’s a sure reason for why this corporate tech giant wants in on the glory.

Another article from the same source indicates, “The total annual investments of American CVCs (Corporate Venture Capitals) grew from $6.4 billion in 2009 to over $39 billion in 2018, according to Pitchbook, and in certain domains that has set off a competition for startups, boosting their valuations.” Translation: Israel is drawing in endless interest and leverage to global economies, such that even the savviest investors from the U.S. are keen on getting on the band wagon and getting on the fruits of the start-up nation’s labor. But why? How? What’s the tiny little country done so strategically spot on that its notice and revenue from international markets is topping the charts?

Marketing Strategy & Implementation: Knowing Target Audiences To Create Powerful Messages

While Israel’s innovation and ingenuity in technology developments puts it on the map as a tech leader, dozens and hundreds of concepts would be left to crash and burn as mere ideas with zero impact without the right marketing minds, messages and content to target international markets.

One source indicates that for some time, a range of Israeli tech companies struggled to retain and recruit skilled American marketers and sales reps that were based overseas for various reasons – from funding, to resources, time zones and even the industry’s intense competitive benefits and salaries. In turn, many Israeli tech companies strategically moved their focus to the global SaaS (Software as a Service) market and overcome hurdles targeting international markets with smarter strategy and local manpower.

Wondering what precisely the multilingual talent delivers to a brand’s success?

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