Israeli Start-ups Thrive from International Business Reach & Growth: How Content & Localized Translation Play a Noteworthy Role

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In the first post of this 2-part series on how Israeli start-ups are thriving in light of their strategic business models, marketing and global reach, we set the tone for what’s happening in the market and the buzz surrounding the local high-tech industry. From Google’s interest, to CVC (Corporate Venture Capitals) investors based in the U.S., to developing products and solutions that are profitable and effectively generate success with international target audiences.

Online marketing in English has played a major role in their progress, along with translation. With the flood of English-speaking immigrants coming to Israel from all over the world, there are more and more multilingual manpower assets accessible to the local tech scene. The industry is learning to adopt their skills and put them to finely tuned use – from developing their actual technology with remote programmers who can communicate with the Israeli team in English, to producing original content in English that’s then translated into multiple target languages. The approach varies, but the trends are clear.

The Trends & Benefits of Multilingual Localized Content – How Israel’s Making Heads Turn Globally

Many Israeli start-ups start by minimizing marketing cost and overhead for maximal profit by recruiting one core in-house writer, or a freelancer content expert, and then outsource additional content professionals alongside translators. Starting from the development of a solution’s micro or UX copy and a brand’s tone of voice in a source language, to progressing with localized translation of digital marketing assets to increase market reach, the word wizards behind the process have become an integral aspect to the Israeli tech market. And, the demand for their language and writing skills is booming.

The understanding of cultural differences of engagement can only be reflected by skilled writers and translators, equipped with the mastery of their native language and deep understanding of the culture in a way that does much more than drive interaction with technology. These wordsmiths tell a story – whether it is the user experience and journey of a technology brand, or their social media content, whitepapers, website messages and articles they publish – content is king for a reason. And who better to be appointed its loyal knights than the translators that help messages reach various corners of the world and drive the Israeli and global economy?

Does your Israeli start-up or tech brand want to increase reach to overseas markets with professional, localized content and copy?

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