How to Choose a Legal Translation Service

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Choosing a legal translation service is like choosing a lawyer. You need someone who is professional, trustworthy, and experienced. Someone whom you can trust to do a good job. It can be difficult identifying a good translation company when you don’t know what to look for. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve drawn up a list of questions that you should ask before deciding on a legal translation company.

Do they have experience in legal translation?

It is one thing to be a translator and another to be a legal translator. Law is notorious for being a language within a language. There are a myriad of complex terms and definitions that require many years of legal experience to understand, let alone translate. If this wasn’t difficult enough, translators need to have this in-depth knowledge of the law in more than one language. This is why we only use experienced legal translators and lawyers to translate your legal documents.

Do they work in your target language?

Most translation companies limit themselves to a few key languages such as French, German, English, or Mandarin. Moreover, they usually only translate from one direction. This does not help you if you need to translate Spanish into English or vice versa. It is important to check what languages they work in first to see if they are a good fit. More importantly, while they may speak your target language, they may not be able to translate legal terminology as this is an additional skillset. Luckily at Dray Translation, we have translators available in most languages who also have vast experience in legal translation. 

Will they protect your data?

Attorney-client privilege means that lawyers have a duty to keep almost all information shared between you and them confidential. A lawyer can risk being debarred if they disclose your information unwarrantedly. Translators do not bear the same consequence if they share information they have gleaned from your documents. Therefore, it is important that you ask your translation company how they will protect your data from being shared. At Dray Translations, our translators sign non-disclosure agreements before every project they undertake. Translation should not put your information at risk.

Are they reliable?

A deadline is a deadline in the legal sphere. A judge is not going to wait for you because your translator needed a few more days. Translators must be able to meet your deadlines. You need to ensure that your translation team is reliable and come with recommendations from past clients. The reason we are trusted by Dunn’s Top 20 Law Firms in Israel is because we consistently produce high quality and accurate translations on time every time. We know that you don’t have to sacrifice quality to meet deadlines.

These questions will help you single out the best legal translation company to service your firm or personal needs. However, there’s no need to look further than Dray Translations. We come with recommendations from some of the best law firms and companies in Israel and are renowned for producing high quality and accurate translations on time whilst also protecting your data.

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